Lunes, 08 de marzo de 2010

By the time we see something and learn to designate it by a name, we can develop an idea or an image in our minds, which we name each time you call. Thus, when pronounced "officers" have this in your mind an image of what that means, ie the process that allows us to learn how to appoint a phenomenon helps us to appoint or refer to all those who are similar or meet the minimum requirements to be taken with the same term.

This human capacity to form mental images and elements of the world around us is one of the basic human qualities, is what allows it to learn and develop the type of what exists in their world. Also, this skill allows you to create a mental representation of ourselves.

The mental preparation that sums up our experience of the body and the valuation we have of our body is what is called Body Image, there we have the product of the operation of our internal and external sensations of our experience of interaction with the world and our congeners, which is why body image not only allows us to "see" the body without a mirror, because we have an idea of how we are, but also offers the possibility of mental images of other people, both those received by our senses and those that are referenced by the partial description and mediated by the experience of our sources. An example of this is when you are asked to think of a "Fourth Bate," a "Weight Pen" or other words that, without giving further explanations of the physical and biomedical characteristics allow outlining a mental picture of the shape, volume and or body mass of a person.

The Body Image is defined that very strongly influenced by social factors, among these we have the education, the scale of values, activities to which we are subjected and the media, among many others.

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